Sunday, December 3, 2006

Naming Streets For Women

Recently a letter was printed in a publication named “The Lakewood Voice”, complaining about the new fad that Frum builders name streets with women’s names.

In the blog world I have seen much mockery made of this letter, so I’d like to share my Independent Frum Thinking opinion on the matter.

In essence I don’t see anything wrong with naming a street Devorah Drive or Rivkah Road. Although I fail to see the pressing need for these builders not to assign normal, American sounding names, nevertheless it seems harmless to me.

However, there is one exception to the rule, and that is naming streets for LIVE KNOWN FRUM WOMEN.

Yes, one builder named a street after his wife and another after his daughter.

THIS, in my opinion is inappropriate and in bad taste.

Perhaps to one who doesn’t know these women it might seem odd to complain about it. But wouldn’t you agree that having the whole neighborhood talking about Leah Lane being named after your seminary-aged daughter is inappropriate? Would you honestly want everyone to know that Dina Ct. was named for your wife who walks the streets of that neighborhood?

Has old-fashioned Kol Kvuda Bas Melech Pnima completely disappeared?

I don’t know what that letter-writer’s intention was, but this is my take on the matter.

Please note that all old posts are still open for discussion.


chaim said...

finally someone in blogosphere with good hashkafos!

kudos to you!

s.b.t. said...

so, i hear you.
but naming a street after anyone who is alive is in 'bad taste' I think. That is why a lot of people don't clap for themselves (for example when they receive awards)
or on an extreme (name their children after someone who is still living)

Anonymous said...

That's kvuda, not kvoda.

Y.Y. said...

was ancient custom to name buildings or cities after oneself or after still alive loved ones

Y.Y. said...

like chavos yair in parshas matos named a city after himself

Rafi G said...

I agree. Naming after a living daughter is in bad taste and is stupid.

megapixel said...

the worst street names in lakewood:
(what happened to tzafona?)
Brook Hill has neither a brook or a hill. all the streets are named after nazi jew hating cities in switzerland.
whispering Pines has not a blessed pine left to whisper.
the gardens at agway definitely doesnt have any gardens.
The villas are 6 feet apart from each other- not quite a villa.
somerset woods has no woods
pine river has no pine, or river.
martin luther king does have plenty of shvartzas, though.

Independant Frum Thinker said...

Chaim - Thank you.

SBT - Good point.

Anonymous - Thanks for pointing out the mistake. I will fix it in the post.

Y.Y. - Remember, it was an ANCIENT custom. Not done anymore, at least by Ashkenazim. Besides, your example was a man not a lady.

Rafi G - Welcome. A voice from Israel. Thanks for agreeing. I feel like a loner on this one. I appreciate your company.

Megapixel - Quite impressive and funny!

Rafi G said...

I do not know why people make such a big deal of street names anyways...
I never heard of anyone naming a street after a living person. It is an honor reserved for the dead. That is the way it worked in chicago and that is the way it works in Israel...

chaverah said...

intersting, didnt know streets were names after real women. I thought it was just being cute. anyway they should perhaps name street by the last name if they want some sort of recognition, like cohen st or rosenberg ave.

Independant Frum Thinker said...

I'm glad you're coming around on this one. The other blogs left out, or were simply unaware, of this piece of information.

Anonymous said...

i actually found the letter quite funny - i thought it was a joke. i don't think that when people say "dina court" they are thinking about the builders wife. the letter came accross that people didn't like womens names period. as if they aren't fit for an "ir torah" - which got me thinking about "parshas chayei sara" and "megillas esther" and "megillas rus" there are many women in the torah whose names are used and it doesn't seem to be not tsnius?

Lakewood Venter said...

I still see no problem in these street names, even if they are named after a live frum woman. What's the big deal really? It is a name for crying out loud! It's not a picture or any other info about the woman behind the name.

Yehuda Shain said...

Rav Schwab has an insight to this by "chavois ya'iyr"

lakewooder said...

i think this might put an end to those who automatically ascribe "leftish" status to your posts. but i digress. great point you make. its just another display of arrogance on the part of those who for all intents and purposes own the community.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lakewood Venter,

With all due respect, unfortunately there are many fine people who vent without a Torah true hashkafa. Judaism is by no means a democracy. It’s not a question if you think it to be a big deal, or how loud you cry out in protest. “Independent Thinker” is aspiring to raise a valid point. If your mind can’t comprehend, maybe it’s because your neshama (soul) is lacking spiritual sensitivities? Does any breech in the laws of tznius (modesty) make a difference to you? Please consult with your Rabbi before posting your ill-grounded thoughts.

Kudos to Independent Thinker for posting his spiritually sensitized thoughts.

Independent Frum Thinker said...

Anonymous Dec 6, 10:21 –
You’re correct that in essence it’s not a Tznius problem. Hence, Parshas Chayei Sara, Megillas Esther, & Megillas Rus. But when named specifically for known live Frum women, I don’t think it’s right.

Lakewood venter -
It may not sound like a big deal, but alot of Hilchos Tznius is realizing that small, seemingly simple details mean alot.

Reb Yudel -
Thanks, as always.

Lakewooder –
Thank you. I’m definitely not a leftist, far from it. My views are actually closer to the “radical right-wing” of the Frum world. As my blog header states, any perceived criticism is strictly a plea for our community’s self-betterment.

Anonymous Dec 18, 6:40 –
I appreciate your comment and implicit compliment. And yes, that is exactly how I feel.
(In keeping with our guidelines, please try not to insult others.)

Independent Frum Thinker said...

A watered-down version of this post was just printed in
"The Lakewood Voice",
in the January 5 issue, page 71.
It was sent in with my permission.

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