Sunday, November 26, 2006

Galus Reminders

Recently there have been two separate instances of Frum people victimized and yet turned into the attackers.

A number of weeks ago, in a predominantly Frum neighborhood of Brooklyn, a Frum young man was shoved and called dirty Jew by a Pakistani gas station attendant. When his friends came out of the car to protect him, they were accosted by a gang of young Muslim men. A fight ensued. After one of the Frum fellows called the police, the Muslim gang ran off. The police arrested the Frum fellows, accepting the Muslim’s claim that they attacked him for no reason, and yelled racial slurs. This despite the fact that it was one of the Frum fellows who had called the police asking for help.

Last week in Lakewood, a Frum man was attacked by a gang of Hispanic youth. After successfully getting away & shaking them off his trail, he met up with them again a few blocks away, and was once again attacked. He immediately called Police, yet was arrested for assault when the officer arrived. The Spanish officer was even overheard telling one of the attackers to insist he had just picked up the stones that he was holding, so that he could claim he picked them up in self-defense and not as premeditated assault. All this in a town with a Frum mayor, Frum township officials, and Frum people wielding enormous influence and power. (Not to mention the ongoing case of the Rebbe who held down an apparent thief, and is the target of massive propaganda by the NAACP).

Both of these stories are shocking and sad. We would have thought that in such Jewish areas such stories could never happen. Yet, they do, and apparently increasingly so.

In my opinion Hashem is sending us reminders that we are still in Galus. No matter how organized and politically powerful we may be, we are still guests, sometimes unwanted guests, in this land.

Specifically in Lakewood, I found it to be very ironic that this occurred just two weeks after an election in which the Frum community exhibited tremendous influence, and re-elected Frum people to the highest levels of Township governance.

We must never forget that we are in Galus, and let us all continue to pray for the ultimate redemption.

What are your thoughts on this?


BagelUndertheCouch said...

that's so intense. just goes to show how rampant anti-semitism still is in the world. it's just one thing after another, isn't it? a lot of time, i think that's what's happening in israel: the arabs shove the israelis around and then call the "police" of a UN when the israelis have the audacity to fight back! comfort yourself with the fact that in the end, the jews always win;].

haha, not quite dasvedanye. it's "pa" or "la revedare" if you want to sound super cool. thanks for bringing these issues to the forefront!!!

Y.Y. said...

there is nothing to add you are 100% correct we are still in gulas even here in the USA
alot of yiddin dont want to accept this reality

chaverah said...

very sad and scary. lots of blogs now writing about antisemitism. I dont really like to think about it.

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

It is horrid but at least it reminds us of where we are.

chaptzem blog said...

Anti-Semite terrorizes young children

A Heimishe man was headed to his car with six kids on his way home from Marine Park in Brooklyn. When he reached his car he realized that his windshield wipers were bent up away from the windshield. He got the kids and began seating them into the car when all of a sudden a man came running at them yelling, "Kill the Jews!" The man quickly put all the kids in the car and locked the doors. The man continued yelling and was now banging on the car. The driver threw car into drive and took off. All the while the man continued screaming "Kill the Jews!" over the screams of the frightened children. He kept banging on the car until it was too far away from him.

Limey2001 said...

what did the novominske say at the convention?

megapixel said...

pretty scary to know we are so hated. all the more reason to keep a low profile. never heard the mexicans to start up w/ jews. i thought they are pretty harmless. In all these cases, its one guy's word against the other's. who are you gonna believe? if youre a jew, you believe the jew, if your a spic you are gonna believe the spic. if youre a black you believe the black. and if your none of the above, you believe the black cuz its politically correct to do so!!

Anonymous said...

ifm i love your blog but wat is with the silence keep the posts comin please

Independant Frum Thinker said...

Thank you all for weighing in. It definitely is a wake-up call. We are in Galus. We should realize it and try to not to antagonize others unnecessarily.

Anonymous, thanks for the compliment. I just put up two new posts, and I’m working on some more.

Neshama said...

My friend took her car to a repair station not too far from Boro Park, and after some time attempting to fix the problem, conversation ensued and when the owner wanted my friend to sign a blank paper that was to commit her to pay a certain amount for the repair, and she would not sign - she was asked her name, and upon saying it, she was kicked out of the garage with the comment that "chinese and jews are the worst to deal with". She didn't even have to pay for the time spent searching for the problem.

She most definitely felt discriminated against.

Anonymous said...

Move to Israel.
The ruchnius is way better, and you have a God given right to the place, forget the tziyonim.

mj said...

talking about remembering that we are in galus it seems that some people in seatle seemd to have forgotten that we live n galus. for all the good america affords us it is still galus and we should not be trying to force the goyim to put out menorahs in the airports. this country is a christian country and weshould not be trying to force the christians to put up menorahs. i general the fact that a certian group of people are always trying to put up big showings of judaism in america seems to be against the idea that we are in galus and we should not forget it

Independent Frum Thinker said...

Neshama –
Terrible. But unfortunately, that is the world we live in

Anonymous Dec 4, 1:18 –
Good point, but one never knows another’s situation. Not always is it feasible.

Mj –
I agree. I left a comment to that effect here: