Thursday, November 16, 2006

Welcome Everyone!

Hello everyone and welcome to this blog.

I'm curious to know how you all came across it. Could you all be so kind as to write how you found it?

Also, how does one go about generating viewer traffic to a blog?

I hope to hear from you, especially the experienced ones.

Have a wonderful evening!


Lakewood Venter said...

well, duh! If you comment on my blog (and others) asking that "Rabbosei please visit my blog...." you have the answer to your own question! Hatzlacha!

Independant Frum Thinker said...

Well, I'm trying to see where people saw my post.
Thanks for answering.

anonym00kie said...

LV you took the words right out of my mouth/keyboard..

independentfrumthinker you make us come here to ask us how we got here? :)

Independant Frum Thinker said...

I apologize. I was sincerely curious to know how people found me. Hope you understand.

Semgirl said...

I've had my blog around tw years and what I have find most helpful in generating readers and traffic is . First write about interesting stuff that ppl want to read.

Comment as many blogs, as you find enjoyable, but write serious, meaningful comments. NOT, 'come check out my blog '.

Post a list of links and most of the blogs you link will reciprocate. Its also very useful, to post an email address, so readers can tell you things they dont want to share with everyone. Or critcize you privately, rather than embarrass you in public.

Limey2001 said...

Semgirl pretty much summed it up
LV and I both linked you you might email someothers and ask nicely to be linked

Independant Frum Thinker said...

limey2001, thanks for linking my blog.
Who's LV? Is that Lakewoodvent? I don't think my blog is linked there.
Have a great night!

limey said...

right, he didnt so ask him nicely
yes lv is lakevent

shy said...

I found your blog by comments you posted I like your stuff

Independent Frum Thinker said...

Shy -
Welcome aboard and thank you.
I hope you continue to enjoy!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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